Sunshine Sans

Sunshine Sans is a simple condensed sans serif typeface designed for everyday use and for use on the web. Its forms create a very modern feel to any design and give a sense elegance. This condensed typeface gives uses for editorial headlines, logos, as well as drop-caps.

Date Released

22nd of June 2015


Regular, Light, Bold, Rounded 10, Rounded 20, Stencil, Spur


On Creative Market

Sunshine Text Block Sunshine Text Block Sunshine Letter Jumble
1 A key characteristic of the typeface are the notched stems on lowercase characters 2 I’ve included unique arrows in each weight to use with this typeface. Whether you use it for direction or as a design element, there are a great add on to a design. 3 Several currency glyphs are part of the font providing uses in other countries. 4 This font comes in a regular version and two rounded version as you can see here. The rounded forms adds a nice softness to the typeface…one is slighted rounded and the other a little bit more as you can see in the example below. 5 To increase usability, I included many international characters into the typeface.

Revolution Cafe Celebrate Bag Sunshine Weights Revolution Cafe Sunshine Word Specimen Sunshine Characters
The typeface creation process always results in many character iterations. You can see below some of that process for Sunshine.

Sunshine Letter Iterations