Predator Disruption Campaign

Predator is a sub-brand of Acer focusing on high performance gaming devices. This Disruption Campaign is a global campaign being seen from the US to Moscow to Thailand and beyond. It focused on the insight that Predator creates a hyper-real experience that blurs the line between reality and the gaming world. I was tasked with bringing that concept, labeled “glitching”, into a visual form that would translate over video, print, digital, typography, and animation. I worked with motion designers, copy writers, the strategy team, and my creative director to bring the vision below together. Below you will find 5 original characters we brought to life throughout the campaign working with a special effects company. The characters are based on standard gaming archetypes you can find in almost any game.

Date Released

Winter 2017


4 Videos, Campaign Artwork, Banner Ads, Key Visuals (Posters)


Art Director, Senior Designer

Display placements have driven over 73,000,000 impressions. Clicks to the website driven by display efforts were over 30,000. This is significant as the gaming audience are notorious ad blockers. YouTube video views one week in were over 3,000,000 with view-thru rate exceeding 25%. On social, there was some impressive performances with over 9,500,000 impressions on Facebook alone.

Distruption Campaign Face Glitch Distruption Campaign Face Glitch Distruption Campaign Face Glitch Distruption Campaign Face Glitch Distruption Campaign Face Glitch
These are some image from the origianl ideation of the characters. Most Gaming archetypes are based on abilities...we needed to adjust this to focus on physical traits to better seperate our characters. You'll see the five over arching archetypes I created which all characters can be funneled into. After that we listed attributed each possess and have...this gave us a great base to discuss characters and what we wanted for are original character designs.

Distruption Campaign Face Glitch Distruption Campaign Face Glitch
A big part of this campaign is the videos which tell the bigger campaign story. Each character is matched with a product which has features reflected in the character we created. I worked with a script writer to help craete these stories which merge teh glitch concept, the product feautres, and how predator links the two. You can see below the early storyboards for some of the videos, many of which stayed pretty close. This anthem campaign video introduces many of the characters and gives a good feel for each character.

Distruption Campaign Face Glitch

Product Videos
The single charcater videos allowed for a bigger story line and also a deeper dive into each character and their skills/abilities.

Distruption Campaign Face Glitch

You'll find many of the exports and visuals which will be eveloved for any uses the regions need. This includes a big social impact, website imagery, as well as some other extras we were able to create for Predator.

Distruption Campaign Poster Mock 1 Distruption Campaign Poster Mock 2 Predator Homepage Triton Product Page Helios Product Page Distruption Campaign Ad Banners Predator Twitter Page Mock Up Predator Facebook Page Mock Up Distruption Campaign Creature Shirt