A with roots in the 1950's space science-fiction era, this out of this world typeface has a very retro feel. The combination of super extended capitals with the all-capped lowercase makes for a unique and futuristic result.

Date Released
6th of April 2014
Sans Serif
Regular, Light, Brush, Pencil
File Types
.otf, .ttf, .eot, .woff, .woff2
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Lightyear originated from the design excerise I did above using a quote from one of my favorite movies. I liked it so much I decided expand it to a full font. You can see some of the letter interations below.
Lightyear Word Specimen Lightyear Characters
This font includes many special glyphs included to alternate letterforms for the ampersand, S as well as some numerals.
Lightyear Special Glyphs