Work From Bing

This is a sample of projects I worked on while on the Bing team at Microsoft. It ranges from emoji illustrations, wireframes, overlays, carousel explorations, and Bing answers visual designs.

Date Released

Spring 2017


Illustration, Visual Design, Webpage, Emojis

Nomad Icon Bing Places Icon
Branding apps and creating logos was part of my job at Bing. I wanted to help setup a system and design language that could be implemented int he apps. Here are a few examples of those designs many which were defunded.

Aqua logo Aqua Icons Aqua Icon Mock
While on the Bing team, I was asked to create a series of Emojis to be used by many of the chat bots. I started with the standard set of expressions, then ventured on to sport specific as well as pop culture ones.

Standard Emojis Sport + Pop Culture Emojis
Sometimes an ask would come along for a one off webpage highlighting a feaure or product. Below you'll find an exploration for the Bing Insiders page.

Bing Insiders Webpage
Most of my work was working out visual systems and solutions to the Bing expierence. Sometimes working with a UI designer, sometimes solo, like with the examples below. This Carousel space was an area where Bing could show its personality and benefits to the user.

Bing Carousel - Albums Exploration Bing Carousel - Books Exploration Bing Answers - Stocks Exploration Bing Answers - Worth Exploration Bing Unit Conversion Exploration
I was also tasked to help bring a clear system for how Bing treated overlays and specifically buttons, spacing, and padding in that system.

Bing Unit Conversion Exploration Bing Unit Conversion Exploration Bing Unit Conversion Exploration Bing Unit Conversion Exploration Bing Unit Conversion Exploration