Aventuras Stencil

I was inspired to create Aventuras after living in the pacific northwest and seeing type on camping and outdoors gear. Aventuras is a stencil font with hard edged and angled letterforms and characters to give it a unique feel and touch. This look and feel also allows it for use from packaging, gear, rustic but also use in technology. All weights come in web fonts you can easily add to your next web project.

Date Released

8th of December 2015


Regular, Light, Rounded


On Creative Market

Aventuras Aventuras Aventuras Aventuras Aventuras Aventuras
1 Several currency glyphs are part of the font providing uses in other countries. 2 This font comes in a regular version and a rounded version as you can see here. The rounded forms adds a nice softness to the typeface which you can see applied in other specimens on this page. 3 I created this typeface in such a way that it can be used as a stencil…whether you want to print it out to create your design or do it digitally. 4 I am happy to say that Aventuras now includes many international characters making it usable in many Latin languages.

Aventuras Aventuras
The typeface creation process always results in many character iterations. You can see below some of that process for Sunshine.