A Little About Thomas

Thomas is a graphic designer in Seattle, Washington that works at the intersection of branding and design. He enjoys telling ones story through visual design, heirarchy, and type. Growing up outside of Houston in Pasadena, Texas he developed a love for two things, America's team the Dallas Cowboys and design. Along the journey, Thomas studied at The University of Texas at Austin (2008) and Ringling College of Art + Design (2013) with stops in San Francisco, Austin, and Nashville.

He has worked on projects for clients such as Microsoft, American Idol, Taylor Swift, T-Mobile, Big Machine Records, LinkedIn, KEXP, ScuttleButt Brewing Co. and more. Through the Ramey Type Foundry, he has designed and developed over 21 typefaces purchased over 3,000 times to date. Currently he is open to job opportunities so feel free to reach out to Thomas by e-mail.